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in trees
is unique

Because it makes our planet greener but also because of its incomparable stability and profitability

Welcome to My Paulownia Project

We are going to successfully establish more than 5000 hectares of Paulownia plantation in Afram Plains, Ghana.

Our paulownia timber plantations will be carefully managed, controlled and supervised by an expert technical team of agro scientist advisors, biologists and forestry professionals with many years of experience.

For our farm we will only use successfully produced and patented a trademark protected variety. 

The prospects of entering into a sustainable forestry investment such as ours are excellent from both perspectives (environmental and economical) which is the reason why we propose that you join us on this exciting and economically beneficial venture!

Your Opportunities



Paulownia trees are amazingly fast-growing, disease and pest-resistant, and their wood is extremely versatile, making them the perfect tree for investment!

The Planet

Paulownia trees are actually known for being one of the highest carbon-absorbing species in the world.

Paulownia Seedling


Plantation seedlings grow only where they are planted and can actually regenerate from the same root up to seven times!

macro wood

Energy Source

Paulownia trees can even be used as a sustainable source of energy, better known as biomass energy.

What makes us different?


My Paulownia plantation is created as a living eco-system having an important influence on the local animal and plant world. Since no known pests exist among our native flora and fauna, special prophylactic treatments are not required.
My Paulownia plantations allow for unused land to be re-cultivated, reforested, in a low-impact way following principles that benefit the environment.

Affordable rates

At My Paulownia you can purchase CO2 certificates in addition to the gift trees or independently of the tree gift and thus make an active contribution to climate protection and reduce your own CO2 footprint. We are happy to offer you our certificates in a combination package with our gift tree, but you can of course also buy only certificates. Ask us for a special and affordable offer.

certified & experienced

Through the ecological cultivation of the fast-growing Paulownia trees, we make a major contribution to CO2 compensation. Together with the world's largest testing institute, SGS, we are going to test and certified our trees with regard to their CO2 binding capacity. Through the constant monitoring and controlling of our plantations by SGS, as well as the measurement of the annual growth of wood, full transparency will be guaranteed at all times.

My Paulownia

A tree
of Many

Owning a part of our Paulownia Tree is a keystone of saving our planet, an effective way to sequester carbon dioxide and create both financial wealth and and emotional security.

Ready to Join us?

With us, it is easier than ever before to invest in Paulownia trees, whether you are an entirely new investor or an experienced one.

My Paulownia Farm is a virtual marketplace that allows you to purchase Paulownia saplings planted on partner plantations and sell them when they are mature and ready to harvest for lumber!

You never have to pay more than your initial investment, and can track how fast your trees are growing and how much carbon dioxide they have absorbed!